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– These articles are both a theory and a practice of the heart,

– Is there an ideal order for reading in order to progress efficiently and surely onto the path you suggest we should follow? Elea says.

– Absolutely. Here it is (cf. below). It is meant for any new reader as well as for anyone who wants to go deeper into the topic. The intuitive mode can be very efficient too.

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
Sharing views with Elea


The five

  • The five elements of the Heart
    The article relates to an initiation to meditation.
  • The five points of the heart
    There, we experience a journey of the soul through the points (chakras) up to the point that leads to a union with the Ultimate, point N° 10, which is situated at the top of the head.


The inner observer

Helps develop consciousness and being one’s own observer.


The esoteric symbol

  • A vision of the Infinite
    Through the symbol, we can see the initiatory path the soul has to follow until the being reaches its goal. There, the importance of having a guide to help realise it is pointed out.
  • Attraction of the Centre
    Any person who has been initiated to meditation feels attracted by the Centre. Transmission is directly received from that Centre. How to experience it? By purifying and illuminating each point, each region successively. Love is the shortest and simplest way. With it, knowledge becomes superfluous, as do the recommended path through the points, and even the esoteric symbol.
    Love sublimates every thing.
  • Pure Love and Simplicity
    Human love, spiritual love, cosmic love, divine or universal love.


The qualities of the Heart

What each point can offer after it has been purified and illuminated. Transforming one’s personality.


How difficult is it to meditate?

The proper way to meditate.


Heart-to-heart communication

Living and communicating through the heart: an art to be practised on a daily basis.
Empathy and nonverbal communication.
To be enjoyed without reserve.


Friendly relationships

Freeing oneself from one’s inner complexities.
Communicating genuinely, in the here and now.


Our soul mate


An issue that is at once wonderful and frightening.


The egregore

Group meditation for the humankind: a complement to the various modes of communication.


Love and meditation

Emerge from a deep meditation and shine out.



All the levels of prayer:  an experience worth being made!

  • Prayer of alpha to omega
    Why do we need a spiritual Master?
    Introducing to meditation and transmission.
  • Praying and offering
    Gratitude and grace.
    Freeing love.
  • Prayer and faith
    A prayer for the sick.
    Where does our prayer start from? How does it work? Its efficiency.
    Faith and gratitude.
  • Prayer and the Word
    The highest and subtlest prayer.
    Prayer and love.
  • Sankalpa
    Our Masters’ prayer.
    Pranahuiti – The Word.
  • The way of love
    Choosing between the Way of Love, the Way of the Will, or the Way of Knowledge.
    The role suffering plays in our evolution.


Masters of Wisdom

Who are they?
The role they have to play.


The Centre (or The Ultimate),
The drop and the Ocean

Two essays.


Death and meditation

  • Death and meditation, part 1, dying to oneself
    Deep meditation and light without luminosity.
    Being dead to one self.
    NDE: a near-death experience.
    The various levels of consciousness.
  • Death and meditation, part 2, NDE revelations
    NDE and astral body, the joy, the death is transcended, no more fear, love is present.
    The soul’s choices, the moment of the death, the free will.
  • Death and meditation, part 3, consciousness: heart or brain?
    Does consciousness endure during a heart-attack and stroke?
    The meaning of life.
    Homo Universalis!
    The world’s weft of light.
    The universal prayer.
    Kindness, benevolence and altruism.
    Humanity will change.

List of others site texts:

Conversations with Teresa

Put to the test

The Source and the Goal

Inner observation


  1. Becoming a mother
  2. Choosing his or her parents
  3. Pregnancy and environment
  4. Choosing one’s destiny


Advanced practice


  1. Become what you are
  2. Be less to become more
  3. The vertical
  4. A non practice


  1. Oration
  2. An impulse of grace


  1. Man as God’s mirror
  2. The universal man
  3. The heart, a mirror of the world


Taoism, part 1, benevolent neutrality

Meeting a Sage

A Master


The Flow

  1. IQ, EQ, SQ
  2. Emotional intelligence
  3. Excellence
  4. The optimalexperience, the optimal being


Good and evil

Positive psychology

  1. Self-realization  
  2. Meditation and its effects on the brain
  3. Empathy
    Heart to heart ommunication and empathy
    Emotional empathy, five points of the heart
  4. Love, empathy and compassion
    Role of the heart, love and empathy
    Empathy and  motherhood
    Empathy and compassion
  5. Positive thought


Ageing, detachment and Love


  1. Raja-yoga
  2. Spiritual yatra


A mystical prayer with Abel

Old age and its benefits, detachment and union with God

With Mary


  1. Childhood, part 1
  2. Childhood, part 2


Dreading death

The three levels of Freedom

  1. Liberating God in us – the divine dimension of the inner self
  2. Universal Man


How to deal with the anger one feels towards an enemy?

The soul’s choice and a mastered ego

  1. The Soul at the Earth school
  2. How to tame one’s ego
  3. Releasing space within one self


The Bhagavad Gita (The Song of the Beloved)

  1. The Bhagavad Gita (The Song of the Beloved) – Presentation
  2. Understanding the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita
  3. Worship the Lord – Bhagavad Gita, Book XII, verse 13-19
  4. The devotee’s condition (Bhagavad Gita, Book XII, 13-14)



  1. Constant remembrance
  2. Raja-yoga or the Way of Love
  3. From one dimension to the other
  4. Like an inner music…
  5. Void:the centre of everythinga


Masters of the future


The secret of humility

An instant of confusion

The role of the Masters

Liberation of the soul or how to give God scope within one self


  1. Equanimity
  2. Importance of the Presence
  3. Equanimity and bakhti-yoga (yoga devotion)


The Masters of Wisdom governing the world

  1. Some couriers for our souls
  2. Great beings


Theo becomes a trainer

  1. Yatra, a path of light
  2. Serving
  3. Reading conditions
  4. Conducting meditation
  5. Sufferings and false memories as an indicator of one self
  6. Being fair
  7. Spiritual position and reading conditions
  8. Reading conditions : love and mirror effect
  9. Chakra and emotion
  10. Meditator, aspirant or disciple?
  11. The cosmic region
  12. Karma + akarma = vikarma
  13. Moments of grace
  14. At the heart of synchronicity
  15. The points resonate
  16. Divine resonance and spiritual resonance
  17. A good meditator, a good trainer
  18. Giving one’s heart to the Lord
  19. God’s eye view
  20. Reading condition: bringing resonance about


Anahata-chakra – heart chakra

  1. Realizing the Self
  2. The disciple’s realization
  3. Antelope symbolism
  4. Working on the chakras


The river and the Ocean