Theo. – You claim that only experience will let you grasp Reality.

The Elder – Yes indeed! Reflection comes later, thanks to the being’s higher consciousness. Through meditation, you seek to create a propitious environment within yourself, so as to make the whole process possible.

Theo. – It’s not always successful.

The Elder (continuing):
Your praying and cleaning will foster such an environment within you.

Theo seemed to be somewhat doubtful.

The Elder – That is why Babuji urged us to focus relentlessly on our goal. Remember what Maxim 3 says: “Fix your goal, which should be complete oneness with God. Rest not till the ideal is achieved.”

Theo. – It means that if the Goal is not firmly hooked, our practice may decrease in intensity.

The Elder (laughing):
Besides Jonas, no one had ever described God as a whale! Well, dear Theo, it would rather be God who will hook us by picking us like a ripe fruit.

Theo. – I have a more friendly relationship with God.  But what should be the right approach then?

The Elder – Some seekers call it “God” and they call His representative “The Friend”. Whatever the way you approach Him, God will always respond. There are even some people who treat Him like the enemy.

Theo. – Will God respond, then?

The Elder – Fervently! The difficulty arises when you are “neither hot nor cold”, as mentioned in the Gospels…

Theo. (amused):
– God will try all means!

The Elder – What matters most is to be in a state of innocence and show that spontaneity that leads to erasing the self and being humble. Take knowledge, for example: the more you know, the more aware you become of how ignorant you are. That sort of humility is a driving force, as it makes you feel like going ahead and discover ever more.

Theo. – I have no special gift for contrition. I’m rather dynamic in nature; many would even say I am arrogant.

The Elder – This is the first part in the quest for God. It is a full, positive, and joyful one… and at times, it can even be boundless.

Theo. – I feel better then. I would not like to be one of those dull and stiff spiritualists. I can try and practice humility, but I sincerely like constant remembrance much better. It is easier for me to plunge into the mainstream you evoked, and if by chance I could lose my superb ego, well! I’m afraid I would not even be aware of it. Then my ego’s epitaph would read: “Fell into God inadvertently, then wanted to stay there.”

The Elder – There I agree with you. Self-forgetfulness comes from remembering God. God aspires us into Him, into His ineffable vibration. We are much better off for it, and even our ego becomes fully satisfied. It can at last find its rightful place. Our mind is better balanced and becomes an efficient tool in the service of our intellect. Our consciousness, which has become limitless, is now ready to discover the unexplored areas of Love.

In his heart of hearts, Theo felt he was so small! Then he asked his friend the Elder to help him join the divine flow that attracts him so intensely, and above all to give him the strength to remain there.

Peacefully and very kindly, the Elder imperceptibly nodded in agreement to his young friend’s silent request. They both closed their eyes and went off on a meditation within the heart’s regions.

Theophile the Elder
Excerpts from Dialogues with Theophile the Elder
Theophile the Younger’s initiation