The Elder – Let’s come back to the Heart chakra as a symbol. The twelve petals Anahata is made of correspond to the twelve qualities of the heart. An open bright heart will naturally produce Love, joy, peace, bliss, clarity, purity, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, patience, gentleness and unity.


The esoteric symbol.

Anahata also gives access to intuition and to the inner vision through refined manas and buddhi (mind and intellect). It corresponds to the second level of the heart (the second star in the esoteric symbol), the third level being the divine dimension one.

Theo. – And what does the six-pointed star represent?

The Elder – In anahata, there are the symbols of the six-pointed star, in the form of two inverted triangles. They are both an expression of the movements of Shakti (Mother-Earth’s power), the two inverted triangles representing a combination of the united energies of sky and earth, of Prakriti (Nature) and of Purusha (the Divine).

Theo. – So, we are back to the heart that binds the world of the spirit and the material world, the dimension of manifestation and of what is subtle, the soul.

The Elder – The six-pointed star represents Brahma (God) manifested in the Union of Purusha and Prakriti. In a human being, such a perfect union is realized in the heart. There exists a direct communication channel between anahata-chakra and sahasra-dal-kamal, the Thousand Petalled Lotus. It links directly the heart to the top of the head. The yogic tradition says that the nectar is poured directly from sahasrara into the heart, at the centre of the anahata lotus.

Theo. – Isn’t it the channel the Master usually opens so that the disciple’s heart may receive grace?

The Elder – Yes, it is. He will literally turn the heart over then: the lotus was top-oriented. When the disciple’s heart is fully opened, it is ready and receives grace continuously. Grace comes from much farther up than the sahasra-dal-kamal, from the divine region. I am going to tell you a secret: that six-pointed star represents God in His both cosmic and terrestrial manifestation; it is Lord Krishna’s seal, Goloka, the six-pointed star. The Lord’s dwelling place lies at its centre. Few souls have access to it. He alone will allow it. When the aspirant’s heart is ready, He comes to him/her and makes of that ready and accepted heart His permanent abode.

Theo. – Does not Lord Krishna abide in higher planes?

The Elder – The aspirant has become the Lord’s disciple. The disciple’s heart, which was so far the Lord’s embassy, has been transformed into His permanent abode. Though it is in the manifested world, that heart does not belong to the disciple anymore. It dwells in one’s inner space (akasha), but what dwells there is the cosmic akasha (at the centre of the star, the third level of the essence of the essence). The vibration of the Lord facilitates its descent there. That vibration is infinite and allows a direct and permanent contact with the disciple. When the disciple is being initiated, Lord Krishna descends in the disciple’s heart and spends two days there to implant a sort of ‘cosmic egg’ that will develop over time. That is the way a permanent link is established between the disciple’s heart and the region (loka) where it resides, which allows the disciple to receive the Lord’s instructions and teachings.

Theo. – I thought our goal was God, the Ultimate! So, why should Lord Krishna have to intervene?

The Elder – In due course, when the disciple is ready and mature, he will be born in God and then, Lord Krishna will withdraw completely. It could be either Christ, or Buddha, or just the Master. It doesn’t matter. They are all fully absorbed in God. The result will be the same and the task that consists in putting the disciple in God’s hands will have been accomplished.

Theo. – Is that what we call the Lord’s condition?

The Elder – We also say that the disciple’s spiritual entity has been born.

Theo. – You told me that the Master will have to carry his disciple within his mental matrix for seven months or more before the disciple can be born in a higher world and become a spiritual entity.

The Elder – It’s all the same. Sometimes, it may take only two days.

Theo. – … but many years for being prepared by the Master, I guess!

The Elder – You’d better say many lifetimes for being prepared, a very long gestation period anyway. That is the reason why, in the yogic literature, the heart will also represent ‘yoni’, the womb that is going to be impregnated by the Divine. Then, the cosmic egg (brahmanda) will develop under the guidance of the Master, or sometimes directly under Lord Krishna’s guidance. Whosesoever guidance doesn’t matter, since it is only done to accomplish the Will of God.

Theo. – And that’s how the disciple is born in God, is it?

The Elder – … and as Babuji would say, “That is where the journey begins.”

Theo. (laughing):
– That is what he says concerning each major spiritual advancement! I think I have understood: once we have reached the infinite zero, we are still at the beginning of the Path. The yatra is to be accomplished motionlessly… I’m beginning to speak like Lao Tzeu used to do. Should I worry?

The Elder kept quiet and went on:
– Once that Divine unity has been completed, you still have to merge with God, which can happen only if the disciple has become identical to the Lord. That is when he/she has got the Lord’s condition and when merging happens.

Theo. – Then the disciple becomes the zero, which is nothing more than the Centre, the ‘Nothingness’ everything comes from.
As Archimedes would say, “Eureka”, I found Him!

The Elder (smiling)
– … by getting lost within Him!

The Elder marked a pause before continuing:
– The centre of Lord Krishna’s star is that famous abode of the Lord’s at the heart of the heart of our being. It is said that only souls such as Radha’s (Lord Krishna’s disciple) can access and abide there. Radha’s love was such that in the end, he would not know who was Radha and who was Krishna.

Theo. – Our souls (atman) are all potential Radhas, and once more, the key is Love.

The Elder – … and the Lord, above all.

Theo. – Krishna’s seal makes me think of the harmonization of the yin forces (tamas) whose representative triangle is oriented downwards, the centre being the state of balance (sattva).

The Elder – The chakra is often represented with a channel running across its centre. Both triangles show the perfect balance that reigns between the energies from above and below. The channel that enters its centre is sushumna. It is in connection with the Lord at the higher level, through sahasrara-del-kamal, the Thousand Petalled Lotus, and with Shakti, at the lower level, through muladhara-chakra. The texts say that realization is possible only thanks to the divine stark the Lord implanted in the heart of each human being.

Theo. – The spark the yogic transmission will awaken and animate in the meditator.

The Elder – That channel also represents the connection with the Source thanks to the love that dwells deep at the bottom of the aspirant’s heart. Awakening the Divine in our hearts will announce the beginning of the journey for the aspirant’s soul and his/her pure consciousness.

– And that is only the beginning, Theo said with a sigh…

To be continued …

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
Theophile the Younger’s Initiation