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As human beings, we generally tend to try to understand first, before doing anything. Yet, concerning meditation on the heart, we had better practice first, and understand later, because the very experience of that practice of meditation will help us understand the necessity for us to do so.

When we start practicing, we understand better naturally and from within us. By proceeding that way, we can trust such information from within much more than any information the most qualified trainers could give us.

Because what we find within us, we have experienced it ourselves, and therefore we know it is genuine.


Initiation to heartfulness meditation

« Mastering Being »Introduction

 Three days to learn how to meditate.

Follow these 3 sessions mentioned below during 3 subsequent days will make for your being introduced to the practice of Heartfulness meditation.

 First day, first session: « Relax. Expand consciouness »
Second day, second session: « Purify. Rejuvenate »
Third day, third session: « Connect with your inner self »

Meditation Heartfulness

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Heartfulness Meditation: Practice first, Understand later

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Meditation on the Heart

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Why does the activity of “cleaning” help us meditate better?

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Introduction to the guided practice

Theophile the Elder met Elea again.
The Elder – Good morning Elea. What questions are you ready to ask, today?

Elea – Good morning. Actually, I’ve only one question today. I saw that part of our discussion had been posted on your blog.

The Elder – Yes, I had it posted. It is the part explaining how to use the blog appropriately, the best way being to accompany Theophile the Younger in the experiences proposed to him.

Elea – I was also told – and I’d like you to confirm it – that this teaching refers to a practice, the one you recommend.

The Elder – That’s right. I can see you have been well informed. The practice is part of the Heartfulness approach, which is in fact a multiple one. It includes a Guided Relaxation, a Guided Meditation and a technique for Cleaning / Rejuvenation.

Elea – That sounds rather complicated for the persons doing it by themselves.

The Elder – If you want to try by yourself, you just have to know that relaxation is essential to a proper practice of the other two elements. Once you know how to relax, you can meditate. As for the rejuvenation technique, it complements meditation.

Elea – That’s interesting! What time is best for practicing daily?

The Elder – You can relax at will, whenever you feel tensed or stressed. But you’d better meditate in the morning and, if you have any spare time, there is no contra indication to doing it again any time during the day. As for cleaning, the most appropriate time is in the evening, at the end of your workday.

Elea – I see. But how should we practice?

The Elder – Working with a trainer is recommended. But if you want to try it all by yourself, printed guidebooks for each one of the aspects of the practice have been issued; they will tell you how to practice.

Elea – And where are the brochures available? On your blog I guess?

– They will very soon be posted there, the old man concluded.

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
Sharing views with Elea

Guided practice: exercices


Relaxation exercise

Preparing to meditate


Meditate by yourself

Discover the inner life of your heart


Rejuvenation-cleaning method

Complete your meditation

Deepen heartfulness meditation



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