Theo. – Last time, we talked about resonance, and today I would like to explore that theme a little further.
Can I make use of resonance as soon as the cleaning job has been completed, for example?

The Elder – Of course you can. That is why Daaji has made all his teachers fully fledged trainers. The thirteen points, or chakras, can resonate with the meditator’s chakras, but under one condition.

Theo. – Which one?

The Elder – The trainer must be totally inconspicuous in the Master’s presence. The Master is the one who will resonate with the aspirant’s chakras, not the trainer.

Theo. – What if we are not inconspicuous enough in the Inner Master’s presence?

The Elder – The resonance will be in accordance with your spiritual level, but most probably, it won’t operate in the way I understand it.

Theo. – Do you mean that the vibrational mode will be less particular?

The Elder just smiled.

Theo. – So, it implies that our own chakras should have been cleaned before the sitting. That is what Daaji urges us to do: getting ready and being connected, before we meditate with an aspirant.

The Eder – Before ending the work, your can mentally resonate with each one of your points in turn, the points of the heart region to begin with, then the points of the cosmic region, and finally the points of the divine region.

Theo. – Last time, we actually approached the points 1 to 5, but what about resonance with points 6 to 10, the points of the cosmic region?

symbole ésotérique

The esoteric symbol.

The Elder – As we have already seen, the five points of the cosmic region correspond to the second star of the esoteric symbol, and they resonate with the five points of the heart region (first star).
That is why some aspirants may think that they have reached the cosmic region when they feel that the points in their heads are vibrating.

Theo. – How is that?

The Elder – Most of the time, it merely means that the points of the lower region are resonating with the points of the higher region.

Theo. – Like last time, when we saw that point 3 was resonating with point 8, isn’t it?

The Elder – In fact, the points of the cosmic region are the ones where the points of manifestation come from (pindesh, the heart region). When they resonate, they can help unlock, liberate a point from the lower region. They all work together by means of a synchronization process. The spiritual work we do will contribute to harmonizing them and make them return to their original functioning.

Theo. – Which is perfection!

The Elder – The Creator’s perfection, not the perfection we could imagine.

Theo. – Hence the need for us to retreat while the work is going on, and even during all our lives.

The Elder – Which, paradoxically, will make us still more present to ourselves and to life.

Theo. – So, when the sitting is about to end, I can revisit each one of the points while making the suggestion (sankalpa) that my own chakras are going to resonate with the meditator’s ones and that the Lord is going to do the work He has to do, can’t I?

The Elder (smiling):
– You can always try it.

Theo grasped the allusion and added:
– By the grace of God!

The Elder – By the grace of God!

After a short break around the Elder’s beautiful tea table, Theo decided to make the conversation a little more personal:
– And you, how do you perceive that resonance in your practice?

The Elder – You know what I am like, and what I like best is resonating with the ultimate Love.

Theo. – What does it imply for you?

The Elder – I am just in the presence of Love. It resonates in all the spheres of the creation, in all the plans of the being. It is just like the one note: it is sublime. All the rest is nothing but a harmonic derived from that one note, that unique sound. It means both contemplating the Presence and listening to It and to the Word it declines ad infinitum. If you focus on a heart, it will resonate; if you focus on a chakra, it will bloom and illuminate when in contact with the Divine Presence. You do nothing at all and everything is achieved in a harmonious way.

Love cannot be manipulated. It goes there where it is welcomed… Theo whispered, awed by the way the Elder described it.

The Elder –Any being touched by Love will then reveal its true nature, its divine nature. The issue is being here, for the Ultimate and away from oneself, in order to present oneself as an offering to all those who are in quest for God.

Theo. – That is a very different way to approach our work as a trainer!

The Elder closed his eyes for a while and recalled a pecial event:
– One day, I went to visit the Thoronet Abbey. The acoustics of the church are very particular, since they were founded on the principle of the pentatonic scale as described by Pythagoras. The church holds an echo in the third or in the fourth of the major scale. It resonates on ancient stones and makes the listeners’ vibration elevate, just as Hildegard von Bingen’s beautiful songs would do. It makes your soul take flight, as it is called for joining the being’s depths and meet God. The sound makes us rise spiritually.
The creator of that unique note is at the origin of all the songs we address to God. Each harmonic reminds us of the Lord. All these harmonics hold His divine presence, even though they are a mere reflection of it. Loosing oneself within that refection will inexorably lead us to Him. We will get lost into Him to better find ourselves again. We will find Him to be more completely lost within His immensity, within His eternity. Here is what Love can do when it resonates. We can all receive it, provided we welcome it in all innocence.
Here is what the celestial resonance of the heart choir can offer.

Theo absorbed himself into the field the Elder had just opened to him and he let himself be carried away by the song of their hearts… which were resonating of course.

To be continued…

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
Theophile the Younger’s Initiation