Love will automatically resonate with love wherever it may be seen. We’ve all have had the opportunity to be loved. Such acknowledged love will always engage the love we host and allow its manifestation. We should be grateful to all those who inspired or requested that love in us, that divine Love, whatever their behaviours, their failures or even their wrongdoings. That divine, unconditional Love, is what will awaken us to real life, the life God bestowed on us when we were created. Procreation is only a reflection of it, a manifestation of God’s love.

When we are driven by love, everything becomes more real, more intense and livelier. Any country woman who lovingly grows her vegetables won’t only care for profitability and output quantities. As she loves her garden, she will also add delicate flowers to her production, so that her garden, thus tended with love, will essentially and harmoniously feed the human beings.

Only love knows when there is Love.

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Theophile’s journal