Theo. – Scientists are currently discovering that energy comes from a vacuum. It makes me think of the Taoists who hold that their heads are in heaven while their feet are on the Earth. They insist on the necessity to maintain a free flow of breaths and energy through the whole body. They state that channels are but a void through which energy can freely flow. Their statement is quite in accordance with our scientists’ latest discoveries.

The Elder (smiling):
– If they keep on like that, they will eventually find God!

Theo – They will put themselves right at the Centre! Since they have discovered that each one of their cells have a vacuum, couldn’t we meditate on that vacuum?

The Elder – We certainly could, but why should we make things more complicated? Meditate on your centre, on your Median Vacuum, as the Taoists recommend. Once you are perfectly placed at its Centre, you will automatically resonate with all the other centres of everything that may exist, cells included.

Theo. – Shall I be aware of it?

The Elder – You will just have to pay attention to some living being, to a sun or to a galaxy, to a cell or to an atom. Your Centre is also theirs; it is God. God has endowed men with a spirit, a mind and an intellect. The being, or the animate or inanimate object will then reveal itself to its fullest extent. This is the true secret of knowledge (jnana).

Theo. – Our scientists will explore everything, they will analyze everything, every single little piece. And that is how they eventually come to great discoveries.

The Elder – I won’t deny it. Yet, should they know about the divine and spiritual laws, then they would achieve much more significant discoveries. You tell me that they have just discovered how energy comes from void. That is something we have known for ages. The Vedas mentioned the Big Bang, which they called Brahma’s Breath: each time Brahma breathes out, a creature is born to develop and expand over billions years; then, when Brahma breathes in, it makes the world fold up and contract into one point, one peculiarity. Contrarily to what scientists believe, the apparently creative and destructive process of the Creation unfolds continuously, in an everlasting alternation.

Theo. – So, we can consider each creation is a life: it is born, then it grows, decays and disappears.

The Elder – You can also contemplate the many lives and creations that, moreover, can be multidimensional.

Theo. – That makes me dizzy… Do you think that the astrophysicists who observe, study and admire the Universe will ever go nearer to such a Vision?

The Elder – They do get closer to it, but their approach remains merely intellectual and deductive. They would further progress in their researches if ever they could meditate. Then they would see the Universe differently and directly, instead of having to resort to speculating. They would live it for true, read it directly, as if they were within it.

Theo. – They definitely still have a long way to go. But tell me, please. Through that Way, couldn’t we have an opportunity one day to witness the birth of a universe, to see a big bang live and reach the Planck Wall?

The Elder did not answer him. He just smiled as he imagined his young friend was already rubbing shoulders with the stars.

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
Theophile the Younger’s Initiation