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An approach and understanding spiritual and human sciences through personal experience in order to change the ordinary human being we are into a realized human being. A study and commentary on the laws governing our lives and our inner universe.

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As human beings, we generally tend to try to understand first, before doing anything. Yet, concerning meditation on the heart, we had better practice first, and understand later, because the very experience of that practice of meditation will help us understand the necessity for us to do so.

When we start practicing, we understand better naturally and from within us. By proceeding that way, we can trust such information from within much more than any information the most qualified trainers could give us.

Because what we find within us, we have experienced it ourselves, and therefore we know it is genuine.


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Dreading Death

Theo. – How is it that you have never been afraid of death? The Elder – I don’t know. It was just the way I felt. Theo. – You must have thought about it, though? The Elder – For me, death is a fact, just like the fact that God exists. I believe it. It is by no...

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Childhood, part 2

Theo. – Last time, when you spoke about your spiritual quest, didn’t you tell me that you had met Shri Ram Chandra? Were you in quest of an Indian Master? The Elder – No! I was in search of God, inwardly, concretely, through my own experience. Theo....

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The soul’s choice and a mastered ego

Content The Soul’s choice and a mastered ego, part 1, the Soul at the Earth school The Soul’s choice and a mastered ego, part 2, how to tame one’s ego The Soul’s choice and a mastered ego, part 3, releasing space within one self The...

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Death and meditation

Content Death and meditation, part 1, dying to oneself Death and meditation, part 2, NDE revelations Death and meditation, part 3, consciousness: heart or brain? Death and meditation, part 1, dying to oneself – Some people say that with meditation, “we die before...

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Content Becoming a mother Motherhood, part 1, choosing his or her parents Motherhood, part 2, pregnancy and environment Motherhood, part 3, choosing one’s destiny Becoming a mother Today, Elea seems to be upset: – You look worried and tired, Theophile the Elder...

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