Transmission and resonance

Theo. – We have largely discussed working in resonance, and I thought that our trainers could use it for reading conditions.

The Elder – That’s right, yet there are two different ways of doing it. The first one consists in using yogic transmission (pranahuti): before you start cleaning the subtle bodies, you have to transmit keeping in mind the idea that the aspirant’s condition is being displayed to you.

Theo. – How can I perceive it?

The Elder – Through transmission, you can see with your heart’s eye or your inner eye, which lies at the level of the aina-chakra.

Theo. – And otherwise?

The Elder – The other way consists in using the resonance phenomenon you have just evoked. For this, you let the aspirant’s vibration echo within you. That is where you can perceive it.

Theo. – Perceiving through resonance requires your total effacement, so that you should not interfere with your own spiritual condition…

The Elder – … and it requires the inner observer’s presence and vigilance. That is why the Master insists that we should get prepared before giving the sitting.

Theo. – By doing a cleaning I guess?

The Elder – Yes indeed, but also by being in a meditative state in order to regulate the mind. Ideally, our mind should be entirely turned towards the Inner Master before the sitting, then towards the meditator’s heart or Inner Master during the sitting.

Theo. – We go from the Master in our heart to the Master in the meditator’s heart.  What about transmission then?

The Elder – It is not necessary in that process through resonance, because you have “become” the aspirant and you can perceive within yourself what he or she is like.

Theo. – That is high-flying! Isn’t there a risk we might project our self and be confused with the aspirant’s spiritual condition?

The Elder – Making such a mistake is a possibility, but the danger is not for the aspirant since the seventy per cent of the work consists in a preparatory, meticulous and multi-level cleaning, the thirty per cent left being the transmission that can only come from the Master.

Theo. – Does it mean we may evaluate incorrectly, even though our work has been done correctly?

The Elder – Anyhow, you will have to clean willingly and whole-heartedly the meditator’s heart and its region, and stop only when…

Theo. – … when it has all become light and luminous!

The Elder – Then, transmission will start all by itself. It comes from the great integrator and diffuser our heart has become once it is under the auspices of the Inner Master.

Theo. – And once our heart has become the Master’s heart, the Lord’s heart.

The Elder – Then the work is done by means of divine or spiritual resonance. We are there, but it is as if we were not there. Sometimes, the Lord will let us witness the work He does on the soul (jivatman) and on its subtle bodies. At other times, we may not be invited, but at the end of the sitting we will perceive the effects of it.

Theo. – As for you, which way do you prefer?

The Elder –For the work, I’d rather use resonance, with the Highest, if it is possible, and God permitting. For condition reading, I’d rather use direct reading.

Theo. – Is transmission of any help for you?

The Elder (thinking it over):
– Yes and No! I let the meditator’s chakras resonate, and if ever a work has to be done it will start automatically. If any more specific lighting needs to be brought in, I have the thought that transmission will outline whatever I need to perceive and show me the remaining areas of shadow, density or complexities.

Theo. – I can feel all the reservations and caution and I ‘d almost say the humility there is in your reading a condition.

The Elder – My spiritual guide taught me that this work had to be done with much gentleness. It cannot be intrusive. The state of resonance demands that you should treat a person as you would like to be treated.

– It will be vigorously then, said Theo, tongue-in-cheek.

The Elder – You can also be kind to yourself, particularly to your inner Master. Here, we are talking about surrender and grace.

Theo. – And real brotherhood, towards others and towards oneself. It reminds me of what the Gospels tell us: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

The Elder – “Our neighbour ” is a mirror of what we are ourselves.

Theo. – Then we are the mirror of God and of any brother or sister we happen to meet.

The Elder – God is reflected in Himself, whether it be us or any other person.

Theo. – So, I understand how important our own spiritual condition can be.

The Elder – That is the reason why our Masters place great emphasis on the trainer’s personal practice. Actually, we must constantly intensify our spiritual practice if we want it to become divine rapidly.

Theo. – Now, what if nothing of what we said will ever happen? What if I can’t perceive anything? What should I do then?

The Elder – To begin with, just relax. Then, have confidence and carefully clean the heart. When you get the impression that the work is done, even though some time is still available, suggest you can go into greater depth.

Theo. – Do you mean into the three levels of the heart, as in the esoteric symbol?

The Elder nodded and continued:
– Or you can let your intention go into a denser part of the heart region. Your attention will then be attracted like a magnet.

Theo. – It is also a resonance phenomenon, isn’t it?

The Elder – It is, because there is no primary will. You just let your intention carry you.

Theo. – Will that be the observer or the Inner Master?

The Elder – No matter who it is!  Somehow, you will have to clean the heart as precisely as possible so that transmission may begin and do wonders.

Theo. – Can I use cleaning techniques such as the ones Daaji taught me for the limbs?

The Elder – Use whatever your power allows for the good of the meditator who is sitting opposite you. The efficiency of your work will be judged in view of the Presence, of your withdrawal and of the intensity of the meditators’ aspiration.

Theo. – As it is said in the Bhagavad Gita, “You are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. They belong to God”.

The Elder – Except for your work, nothing belongs to you. And even that is something the Master has entrusted you with.

Theo. – Hence, a good trainer won’t even decide about his work.  He or she must work towards doing without doing (akarma) and work with love (vikarma).

The Elder – You remember that in a ‘non-doing’ action  (akarma) work and energy will become infinite, don’t you? It is the same when you work in resonance.

Theo. (making sure he could understand):
– So, the process will trigger transmission, pranahuti, the limitless energy, and it is Master’s infinite action that will operate through the limited being I am.

The Elder – When our hearts become Master’s heart, the spiritual work is done out of love. Then everything becomes possible.

Theo. – Surrendering to the Inner Master is all that we need, in such a spiritual process.

The Elder (insisting):
– Surrendering out of love. After that, Master’s love will naturally start operating. It works smoothly, gradually and with great humility.

Theo. – Either I work like a skilled yogi and the result is what it is, or I let the Master do all the work, infinitely…  Choosing is fast and easy.

The Elder – But the implementation may take time.

Theo remained silent and pensive.

Subtlety and interpretation

Theo. – You have evoked a way of reading through the frontal eye, the one you also call God’s eye, or the eye of the heart. Could you tell me more about it please?

The Elder – It is not that easy. Babuji used to say that, even for him, reading the meditator’s spiritual ‘position’ could take time. He would have to do it several times just to be sure.

Theo. – Due to reflection between the points I guess. I remember a work we did on point 3 which echoed on point 8.

The Elder – That is condition reading. It is a flow; it is not mental. You are intuitively attracted by point 3, the fire point, in need of cleaning. It is the same as when a child has done something wrong. An unusual silence takes place and attracts your attention, and you know that something happened.

Theo. – The aspirant often worries in case we might discover his or her most intimate secrets.

The Elder – We have to reassure them, for that is not at all the case. The cleaning work operates only on the shadow, which will disappear against the light. Then, once the work is done, everything is back into place, their original place.
When we meditate with a trainer, we do it willingly. So, we open ourselves, we expose ourselves, while getting in touch with the soul (atman) through the heart, which makes reading much easier.

Theo. – What if there is a blockage that requires a specific job?

The Elder – That is where the eye of the heart will play its part. It is a metaphor. It could as well be the ear of the heart (the clear view and the clear hearing). Intuition starts operating. You don’t want to know. You just expose the aspirant to the Master and, if required, an idea, an intuition will pop out; then you will know what to do and you will sense which sankalpa you should use. You may very well ignore the reason why, whatever caused the spiritual blockage, but the reason will be cleaned and the knot will be dissolved.

Theo. – Aren’t there some cases when I should know?

The Elder – They are scarce. Even then, it has nothing to do with a personal will or an inquiry. Innocence, associated with love and spontaneity, is what prevails. You forget all about it, almost instantly. Once the task has been accomplished, the sankalpa will be such a subtle one that your mind won’t have registered it.

Theo. – I have indeed already noticed that sort of almost immediate erasure. Sometimes, even the aspirants themselves will remind me of what I told them when they express what they felt.

The Elder – The information is absorbed by your intellect (buddhi) and your consciousness (chit), only to let the Master work through you. It will never be for your personal satisfaction, let alone for your curiosity. We must deeply respect the aspirant’s privacy and the sacred work the Master does.

Theo. – Do I have to say anything?

The Elder – Master’s advice is what we should rather listen to. Your words won’t but rarely solve a spiritual issue. Non-verbal communication is far more efficient and it makes no mistake.

Theo. – Provided it remains subtle!

The Elder – Gossips or judgment have definitely to be left out. You’d better opt for silent communication, the one that springs up from our hearts to reach the aspirant’s heart. Why should we know what it contains if it comes from the Universal Mind?

Theo. – It is as if I would read a SMS message that was not addressed to me, isn’t it?

The Elder – Nonetheless, the aspirant to whom it was addressed may share it with you or may read it to you. Hence listening is better than speaking. At that moment, your subtle and causal bodies are going into action: your mind (manas) knows and you can express verbally what you know.

Theo. – With care and caution, I suppose?

The Elder – Not every bit of truth is fit to be told. Non-verbal communication will always be a better option. Expressing oneself verbally often proves to be sensitive and open to interpretation, be it from the trainer or the meditator.

Theo. – How would Babuji proceed when he was reading condition directly?

The Elder – He would transmit and then concentrate. He sort of watched a screen on the aspirant’s forehead, opposite his own eyes, and he just read it.

Theo. – There it is all about concentration, rather than mere attention.

The Elder – Transmission enhances and brings to light, whereas concentration allows revelation, Babuji used to say. He used the word “revelation”, to clarify that it was not about a mental process.

Theo. – And that is why his reading was done through ajna-chakra, the first point in the cosmic region. Now, what about “the heart’s eye”?

The Elder – When we deal with resonance, our surrendering, our self-effacing, has to be total. That is what I call “the heart’s eye”. With the clear view or clear hearing process, our will intervenes, which means that you are using a power.

Theo. – And you are not keen on powers, are you?

The Elder – So long as the heart region and the eleven circles of the ego have not been crossed, I won’t be keen on it.

Theo. – Do you mean that so long as Self-realization (point 10) and a complete union with God have not been established, you’d rather have me avoid it?

The Elder – Once Union has been realized, we are sure that the Master is in charge.

Theo. – And He can do whatever He wants!

The Elder (amused):
– It is a heavenly song… the angels’ song when we are in adoration before God…

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
Theophile the Younger’s initiation