– Tell me about the Masters of Wisdom, please, Theophile the Younger asked.

– They are higher souls from he Hierarchy of Masters. Such Masters are both on Earth and in the cosmic region. Some of them embodied down here to guide the human beings, others are able to materialize or dematerialize at will. People rarely know them. For ages, they have been down here on a permanent mission. They are guardians and guides for the whole humankind.

– What do the Masters of Wisdom do? If they are supposed to be guiding and supervising humanity, they have not been very productive so far, have they?

– They are not leaders but only spiritual guides. They comply with the Divine law, which totally respects the free judgment of each individual. They never resort to enforcement and just make subtle benevolent suggestions we are free to accept or not.

– My feeling is rather that we don’t hear. Everybody suffers from that, which is a real shame!

– The world we live in is the addition of all that the human beings have created. We are free to surrender or not to the Divine Breath.

One more time, a strong transmission takes them away into an open eye meditation, their silent dialogue continuing beyond words.

Feeling appeased, Theophile the Younger asks again:
– What is the role of these Masters of Wisdom?

025- Om

The Om.

– They regularly send one of them down to the Earth to guide the human beings. They bring in the Word, symbolized by the sacred syllable ‘OM’, and they transmit it. The Masters of Wisdom come to awaken people’s hearts and consciousness, to have them discover their own greatness, their heritage. They reveal, they accompany the Divine Plan. There is no limit to their patience. They come to the Earth, over and over again, to help the humankind – an agitated but with a tremendous growth potential mankind. The souls’ evolution may take ages. The Masters of Wisdom are beyond Time though they work in Time. When a person is just ready to be initiated, they manifest themselves. Whether we are aware of it or not, the Masters of Wisdom are always at our side. A crowd of beings of light – incarnated or not – assist them in their work.

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
Theophile the Younger’s initiation