Today, Theophile the Elder meets Elea.

Elea. – Good morning, Theophile. I’d like now to review your site. For over eighteen months now you have been writing articles on it and readers do appreciate the freshness of those dialogues between you and Theophile the Younger. Yet, they think the young man proves to be much too talented at times. He grasps everything right away, and he lives amazing and apparently simple experiences that yet are far from being obvious to other people.

The Elder – Actually, the writings and the exercises I suggest are to be worked on again on a regular basis. It would be ideal of course to be introduced and accompanied by a raja-yoga trainer. However, I’ll indicate a simple means to make the most of these writings.

Elea. – Is it even meant for a casual reader totally naïve in the field?

The Elder – Absolutely. Taking a close look at it, you’ll see that the site is based on a few key articles I often refer to, and the links to which are always mentioned in the other texts.

Elea. – What about those links? So how to find one’s way?

The Elder – The reader will have to come back to some articles following the procedure I’m going to give you.
It is important for readers too to make the inner experiences together with Theophile the Younger.

Elea. – How can we do that?

The Elder – By reading the texts slowly and calmly; by living the experience suggested with one’s eyes closed; by repeating it as often as necessary; and by writing down the fruit of such guided meditations as well as your feeling concerning that very moment.  Each experience is unique and cannot, must not, be compared to any other experience.

Elea. – And practically?

The Elder – It would be good if someone could read the text aloud, in a heartfelt voice. The text has been written to carry a very specific vibration, which accompanies the spiritual experience.

Elea. – Can we record our own voice?

The Elder – That’s a good idea.

Elea. – In what order should the texts be read?

The Elder – Start with the one about the five points of the heart, when Theophile the Younger is being initiated. The Elder shows him the path his soul will follow until it reaches Point 10, the stage of Mergence.

Elea. – And then?

The Elder – You may continue with all the texts bearing the number “5. In every article, there are links referring to other articles in the site or in the websites. The links are a precious help to understand and deepen the topics discussed. I recommend reading once the article before doing the “experimenting exercises” at the same time as Theophile the Younger. And as I said, keeping a diary of these experiences that could be repeated and thus evolve over time. Noting down one’s reflections and growing awareness after listening to a text or having an experience will always be a matter of interest.

Elea. – So it is a study site, you are offering us, isn’t it?

The Elder – Exactly. I ask for seekers. I am convinced that an inner spiritual quest is fully effective.  In that domain, consciousness comes before knowledge. These exercises are both a theory and a practice of the heart.

Elea. – Is there an ideal reading order for an efficient and definite progress in the path you propose?

The Elder – Absolutely. Next week I will advise a course that will help new readers as well as all those who want to go deeper into understanding the texts: “Further reading, as recommended by Theophile”.

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
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