Love and meditation

– Tell me more about meditation. What should one do after having meditated? asks Theophile the Younger.

– One should never abruptly cut meditation.

When back from the depths of the heart, one is delighted with this spiritual atmosphere. It is made ours by our consciousness, if it is not already done naturally. You integrate it quietly, allowing this subtle vibration to fill the whole of your inner space.
Let’s try together, should you like it.
Gently close your eyes and immerse yourself in the depths of your heart.
Let its bright abysses aspire you.
Go to the very limit of your consciousness.
Gently come back such as a freediver, fin swimming to ascend to the surface whilst enjoying the beauty of the ocean.
Be aware again of your inner space.
Allow the light of your heart to imbue all your cells.
Then irradiate it around you, far ahead.
How do you feel?

Theophile the Younger seems to emerge from a deep sleep.
– This dive is amazing, it is a true round-trip between levels I could not define. The effect is vitalizing.

– What do you feel around you?

– A peaceful calming down, a soft gentleness such as this white and softened atmosphere during snowshoe walks in snowy undergrowth, we are outside though it feels like we were cosy. All noises are smoothed but seem to far resonate.

– Were you conscious?

– Absolutely yes, my wakefulness was at its most. Everything seemed to be at its own place in a silence imbued with sacred. I felt myself in a totally different relationship to others.  I could feel respect and a kind of spontaneous attention, oriented towards people without any distinction. I do not dare say love…

– Why? Do you feel you embarrassed?

– No, it is not that, it is more modesty. To me, the word love is not to be said, love is lived through the radiant silence of heart. Sometimes, it is hold inside though it is to be shared. It is stupid a bit, I know, apologies the young man.

– The word bothers you, because human beings misused and abused of if. Love belongs to itself only. No one can trap or manipulate it. It does not force or forced. Whether not wanted here, it peacefully flows elsewhere. It will come back later, expecting lonely and sad hearts to freely open up to it.

– Do you mean that no one can hope to possess it?

– Exactly, such as water, love flows from a heart to another, and even between hearts.

It can fill all space in. It even can contract itself in a single dot or go through all the dimensions. There is neither high nor low, neither higher nor lower. For love, everything is the same.

– Is love related to knowledge? It seems to me that when we love, we instinctively know the beloved?

– Yes, that is it. When love reaches knowledge, the latter becomes wisdom. This is Love-Wisdom.
Whatever love touches, it magnifies it.

Theophile the Elder
An excerpt from Dialogs with Theophile the Elder
Theophile the Younger’s initiation